Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Visions for the Nation and the Filipino

A vision of Restoration
Restoration of a nation in rediscovering its true identity and its mission to the rest of humanity;
Restoration of a people, liberated from the fear of change, to reform and transform our society;
Restoration of our leaders, free from the spell of power and wealth, to regain the people’s trust;
Restoration of the marginalized and the oppressed to the fullness and dignity of human life.

A vision of Reconciliation
I see the rich and the poor, Christians and Muslims, the Leftists and the Rightists, Juan dela Cruzes, one and all, united, aspiring and striving for the good of the Motherland, para sa Inang Bayang Filipinas – one country, one aspiration, one vision.

A vision of Juan dela Cruz
I see a vision of the Filipino, reconciled and restored to his Maker, to himself and to society.
I see a vision of Juan dela Cruz, the common Filipino, the collective Filipino awakening, rising up and breaking free:
Free from the darkness of ignorance and idolatry,
Free from the bitterness of oppressive colonization,
Free from the sickness of a corrupted culture and a damaged identity,
Free from the shackles of selfishness and envy,
Free at last to be true Filipinos.

A vision of the true Filipino
A people who is proud to serve and is humbled to greatness,
A people who is endowed with talent and strength, eager for adventure and enterprise,
A people who is hospitable and generous, self-giving and resource-sharing,
A people whose thoughtful caring (malasakit) for family extends to community and country,
A people whose abandonment to Divine Providence (bathalana) is an inspiration to his pursuit of excellence,
A people who is paradoxically, a servant and a royalty, aliping maharlika, a noble servant who serves with honesty and empathy, with ability and dignity.

Indeed, the Filipino is gifted because he is called to give.
The Filipino is able because he is called to serve.
The Filipino is brave because he is called to sacrifice.
The Filipino is innately humble because he is called to greatness.
You are a true Filipino!

Ang Pilipino ay biniyayaan sapagkat siya’y tinatawag upang maghandog.
Ang Pilipino ay may kakayahan sapagkat siya’y tinatawag upang maglingkod.
Ang Pilipino ay may lakas-ng-loob sapagkat siya’y tinatawag upang mag-alay ng sarili.
Ang Pilipino ay may kababaang-loob sapagkat siya’y tinatawag sa kadakilaan.
Ikaw ay tunay na Pilipino!

Juan dela Cruz


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